J Nephropharmacol. 2020;9(1): e12. doi: 10.15171/npj.2020.12

Case Report

Difficulties in histological diagnosis of a case of lymphoma secondary to acute renal failure in a nephrology department in sub-Saharan Africa

Guei Monlet Cyr 1 * , Yao Kouamé Hubert 2 ORCID, N’DahKouamé Justin 3 ORCID, Lagou Delphine Amelie 1 ORCID, Tia Weu Melanie 1 ORCID, Konan Serge Didier 2 ORCID, Choho Carole 1 ORCID, Diopoh Sery Patrick 2 ORCID, Ackoundou-N’Guessan Kan Clément 1 ORCID, Gnionsahé Dazé Appolinaire 1 ORCID

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